A PC-based DVR vs a standalone DVR

People normally go for a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) when finding a video surveillance device for offices and retail stores. DVR is a computer with hard drives, a video encoder, and analog cameras. You can choose between a PC-based DVR and a standalone DVR. For a PC-based one, it can display real-time videos with excellent image quality. As for a standalone DVR, it has a wide range of functions such as ‘playback’, ‘sequence spot’, and ‘live picture’. To find a good DVR, you have to check whether it has a high-profile compression format to get high-quality video at a low bit rate. Being able to connect analog and IP cameras at the same time is also a good sign. Sometimes, a DVR will have a graphics user interface to bring added convenience. When compared to its counterpart – NVR, DVR is less expensive and easier to operate.

Thermal camera (a device that helps measure human temperature without contact) is popular in Hong Kong these days for a reason – Hong Kong suffers from COVID-19 like other Asian cities so thermal camera is seen in almost every establishment. Hong Kong is such a busy and packed city, with a thermal camera, you can detect the temperature of large groups of people simultaneously and easily. How a thermal camera works is that it measures the thermal emission of people, saves images, and triggers the alarm system when a person is likely to have a fever.

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