What are the Benefits of BVI Offshore Company for Investors?

Investors from Hong Kong are encouraged to set up a BVI Offshore Company because of the beneficial offshore jurisdiction. The British Virgin Islands are developing their sector of finances by introducing the International Business Companies Act. Investors that are looking for good investment opportunities see great potential in the offshore regimes. Taxes are one of the important fields of these programs that investors are especially interested in. They are typically significantly lower than they are in the home countries of the investors.

Therefore, the legal tax savings are one of the key benefits of the BVI Offshore Company. Other benefits include facilitated management of the company, suitable international trade, low business restrictions, and an easy process of registration, among others. CityLinkers, a certified consulting company in Hong Kong that assists clients in the BVI Offshore Company setup.

This professional team provides all-inclusive assistance that includes registration, setup, advisory, and fulfillment of requirements necessary for a legal offshore operation.

CityLinkers also offers Cayman Fund Investment Consultation. This program assists investors in the Cayman Islands. It includes numerous tax benefits, it doesn’t require a mandatory filing, and it provides operations, asset, and management in high-level confidentiality.

Investors get full assistance in all aspects of the Cayman Fund Investment Consultation by the CityLinkers team. These experts will participate in the formation and structuring of the Cayman Fund; they will review the mandatory documentation for the setup and registration. CityLinkers will make sure the investor is fulfilling all the regulation and compliance and this consultant company will provide professional administrative management included in the Cayman Fund Investment Consultation services.

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