Make good use of online platforms for your organization

By hosting webinars regularly on a trusty webinar platform, you reap endless benefits for your business. Why?

Well, you can easily repurpose your webinar content. One thing about a webinar platform is that you can record the entire session in high-quality audio and video. This extends the shelf life of your webinar for months to come. With a little editing here and there, you can make it into easy-to-consume short videos you post on your social media feed. You can change things up and turn your PowerPoint presentations into infographics as well. In fact, you can also convert the webinar session into a podcast, an eBook, or a series of blog posts. With a webinar platform, a significant amount of time and money is saved on content creation.

A virtual info day solution saves universities a lot of headaches as well. Purchasing a good virtual info day solution is all the rage in times of pandemic since universities literally do not have any other options. There are a couple of things to bear in mind before buying one though. First, the virtual info day solution needs to enable a large extent of customization. You see, having a solid brand identity is crucial to admission success. Imagine what prospective students will think if they see registration pages from five very different universities looking almost exactly the same. Second, the virtual info day solution should offer a quick and easy registration process. It does not take a genius to know that a 404 not found error is terribly annoying and gives off a bad impression to prospective students.

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