Continue to Convey His Vision

The Founder and Chairman of Bank of Asia, Mr. Carson Wen, has recently filed an appeal to the court regarding the case of his ex- member of employee from Bank of Asia (BVI), learn more at: Mr. Wen has advised that he will not back down with the alleged shareholding matter, and he will continue to work on conveying the international council of his work and effort. Mr. Carson Wen will continue his appeal to the Privy Council in the United Kingdom on the dispute. Mr. Wen will use all his effort and will take up any available legal alternatives to stand-up against the disagreement. In the meantime, the ex-employee’s other legal matters will be continuing. Mr. Wen guaranteed the public that Bank of Asia’s usual business will not be affected by any of the court hearing and reassured that he uses his best effort to ensure that the customers are well-protected under his company. Mr. Wen has been working closely with the legal authorities and has been providing all necessary documents to assist with the matter. Mr. Carson Wen has advised that Bank of Asia and BVI will continue to run as usual and that nothing will be changed. Customers and patrons need not to worry about the case at all as Bank of Asia is not involved in the court proceedings in any way. Mr. Carson Wen, together with Bank of Asia and BVI will continue to work with their customers with their usual high-quality practice.

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