Is outsourcing IT service a good idea

To run a company successfully in HK, purchasing a quality IT solution is indispensable. With so many options in the market, do you know what kind of IT solution is loved by HK companies? The most sought-after IT solution in HK has to be Office 365. Among others, Office 365 can facilitate business management and give advanced threat protection. Regarding business management, Microsoft Forms can efficiently collect feedback from employees and customers, while Microsoft teams help with planning schedules and daily tasks. As for threat protection, Office 365 can remotely wipe company data from lost or stolen devices, help protect against malware, and many more. Speaking of malware, cybersecurity is what HK companies care most about, that explains why IT solution that focuses on anti-virus protection is always in high demand.

Some companies rave about IT outsourcing while others despise it. Have a look at the pros and cons of IT outsourcing. The first advantage is that companies don’t have to hire more employees and thus save costs on training and benefits. Secondly, with IT outsourcing, companies can access a global talent pool. Now, let’s see the cons of IT outsourcing. First, since you are hiring a contractor not an employee, it is hard to maintain a desirable level of control. Second, since you are not supposed to train them, they may not give the quality work you expect. In conclusion, you have to consider carefully before going for IT outsourcing.

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