WSET Hong Kong – From Wine Admirers to Professionals

Why would you be just a wine enthusiast when you can be a connoisseur? WSET Hong Kong is a popular program for people that want to learn more about wines. It is for wine admirers that want to be knowledgeable and skillful, and not only enjoy the wine’s taste occasionally.

WSET Hong Kong consists of three levels in Wine and three levels in Sake. If you are a beginner, you will attend the first level that will teach you the basic skills that you need in order to continue improving in the field. You will learn how to explore wines through taste, smell, and sight. Also, you will learn how to do food pairings. These skills will make you the coolest person in the room when you show them in front of others.

If you want to achieve more, you can attend the second level after finishing the first one. Then, you will learn even more about wines, improve the skills you obtained previously and you will get familiar with different types of grapes. The third level strengthens your skills even more and prepares you for the industry.

You will receive a certification after passing each level of WSET Hong Kong. You can use the certifications to open many doors in the wine industry. You will be welcome to the most prestigious companies that will help you gain experience and become a wine professional. It all starts from the first level. If you are ready to enter the exciting world of wines, consult CorVino and start your adventure.

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