Ranking Factors of SEO in China

As we know, SEO ranking in China is determined by a set of factors. We will talk about the most major one this time. The first one is page load speed. It means how fast your site can be fully displayed. The shorter the time, the higher the ranking. The format of the content and ease of crawlability matters. Sometimes your site is very attractive with a lot of animation and video. Yes, this sounds great to your user experience. However, they reduce the loading speed and your visitors may feel impatient and finally have negative impact on the user experience. 

Mobile-friendliness is as equal important as page load speed. With a huge amount of population using mobile searching, watching video and using social media, website responsiveness should be well equipped. Otherwise, the bounce rate is high and user experience is bad, ultimately affect the ranking. Website technical issues shall also be fixed in order to enjoy a higher ranking. Some do not matter, while some are critical. If your website includes many technical issues, fix the critical one, such as duplicate webpage heading. 

You may wonder there are so many factors needed to be studied and concern, how can you master this. Make use of a China marketing agency or SEO agency in Hong Kong is a way to solve the problem. Both a China marketing agency or SEO agency in Hong Kong will cater you the SEO service in China. From increasing the page loading speed, optimize mobile-friendliness to fixing technical issues. Without a China marketing agency or SEO agency in Hong Kong, increase your burden and time finally. 

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